How cute!

Abg Ghozi is the gentlest and the mildest brother in the whole earth! 😄.

It took only around two months for him to get accustomed to the newly hectic days, especially when the newborn came into the midst of our little fam. At first, it was quite tough how he misbehaved too often, being too cranky and yes, it brought the blues to all family members. Alhamdulillaah, those days are done 😘

He’s now, the real Abang for Fathan; he’s the grown up big brother with mature understanding that, love is to be shared 😘 One of the joys we really grateful for is that whenever Fathan sneezes, Abg Ghozi must be the first person responding to the sneeze by saying, ‘alhamdulillaah’ expecting his little bro to say so himself. Then say, ‘yarhamukallah’ Abang… 😃

All praise is to Allaah!

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