Homemade Do Not

Hari ini Gege bantuin Ummi bikin donat kentang. Nothing so special in the ingredients. Tapi yang spesial itu proses belajarnya.


Donat udah siap didekor. Gege ummi kasih tugas mendekor donat2 imutnya. Dan, hasilnya adalah…


Permulaan yg bagus, Nak! πŸ˜„


DIY Felt Puppets

Gege belajar bikin puppets dari kain flanel. So simple, so fuuuun πŸ™‚ Nanti kalo sudah terkumpul banyak karakter, kita mau buka puppet show ya Geee… Undang temen2 sepermainan buat nonton. Yang jadi dalangnya ntar Ummi :p

DIY Bookmarks

The idea came out when we found the room was filled with used papers. Ummi loves to keep even the used ones so we can make something out of them. So, that day we chose to create a DIY bookmark. It’s super easy and fun activity with Ghozi πŸ™‚

You just need used papers, scisssors, papercraft, punch, ribbon, and colored pen.

How to make:
– Cut the used papers to the shape of bookmark. It can be either short or long shape.
– Wrap them with paper craft
– Using the punch, make a hole in the top center of the wrapped bookmark.
– Apply ribbon in that hole.
– Okay, so the bookmark is done. Hey, wait! You can add some accesorries on them, tho πŸ™‚


You can also draw or paint the bookmarks!


Next, you can write some good words on them. Making a bookmark is easy, so make it with heart. Yoy can simply write like, “‘Ayo, Baca!” or any others. But, which is better to write than the words of the Qur’an? So, heart others by this little stuff, so people get the benefit from the bookmark and the message πŸ™‚


Finally, we are so done, today πŸ™‚ alhamdulilaah… Give one to each of your family, friends, etc.